Micro Loop Hair Extensions Review

micro loop hair extensions

If you have been looking into hair extensions, you may have seen the term micro loop.

While there are a few ways of attaching hair extensions to your natural hair, the micro-loop is quickly gaining popularity as a new salon favorite.

But is it the best thing for your hair, or is it just the latest fad?

What Are Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

Also known as I-tip or micro ring hair extensions, these are one of the safest ways to get extensions. The hair is attached to your natural hair going in the loop.

There is then a small metal bead that closes the hair extension in place. There is no heat, chemicals, adhesives, or sewing required, and the hair extensions last far longer than other methods.

You will also see far less hair damage or problems, especially when done by an experienced professional.

How Do They Differ from Other Hair Extensions?

The biggest difference between micro loop hair extensions and other hair extensions is the installation process.

There is no heat needed to install like hot fusion hair extensions, no adhesives like cold fusion or tape- in hair extensions, and no pain like weaving hair extensions.

They also last far longer than clip in hair extensions, and most other methods.

How Long Do Micro Loop Hair Extensions Last?

This is all going to depend on how fast your hair grows. When installed, the micro loops go right up to the scalp of the hair it is being attached to.

As your hair grows, the loops move, making it less stable and more likely to slide and fall out.

On average, these hair extensions will last between four and six months before needing to be adjusted.

For faster growing hair, you might need to have adjustments done sooner than this. For slower growing hair, you may get up to eight or nine months before needing adjustments.

It is important to note that adjustments can be made without fully needing to remove them. If you have any loose strands, just make an appointment with the salon to get it tightened back in place.

Are Micro Loop Hair Extensions Damaging to Your Hair?

If you have very thin or damaged hair, it is not recommended that you get any type of hair extensions because of the added weight on your hair.

This weight can lead to further breakage. Before you get micro loop hair extensions, you should take a month or two to get your hair healthy again.

But for those with normal, healthy hair, micro loop hair extensions are completely damage free.

There is no risk of damage, and you can carry on your normal hair routines with them in.

The only issue people complain of is some slight itching of the scalp as you adjust to them. After the first few days, that should go away.

How Do You Care for Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

Just like with other hair extensions, there are some care tips to take advantage of to get the best results.

One thing that seems to be common with all hair extension types is to avoid the water when it comes to swimming.

The chlorine is not good for your hair and the process of swimming can cause the micro loops to loosen or become matted. If you want to swim, use a cap to prevent any issues.

When it comes to showering, you can feel free to using your regular shampoos and conditioners.

There will be no issues, as long as your shampoo helps to keep your hair clean and the metal bead free of oil build up.

To dry your hair, avoid vigorously toweling off your hair. Instead, pat your hair dry and let it air dry. Or, gently use a hair dryer and try to avoid creating any more tangles than necessary.

When it comes to hair care, you want to brush your hair often and sleep with your hair up or in a braid.

This will help prevent matting from all the extra hair. You should also take time to make sure your hair extensions are separate and the beads are not crossing or tangling.

Leave in conditioners and detanglers are also helpful to brush your hair, without pulling too much on your hair extensions. This will prevent any unnecessary loosening of your hair extensions.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Hair looks more natural
  • No adhesive necessary
  • No heat necessary
  • Do no need to braid hair before installation
  • No sewing involved
  • Easy to wash
  • No chemicals involved
  • Lasts up to six months
  • Can style, and even color your hair
  • More affordable than other methods


  • Can make scalp itchy
  • Loops become loose as hair grows
  • Not for people with very thin, damaged or short hair

What Are People Saying?

People who have used micro loop hair extensions have very little negative things to say.

Especially for those who have used other methods, this is by far their favorite method.

Users say that they have more freedom with these hair extensions than with other methods, and do not need to worry about hair damage once the extensions come out.

Users report that they can style their hair, color it, and even get hair treatments with micro loop hair extensions in the only downside to the micro loop hair extensions is the time it takes to install them.

It can take between one hour and four hours, depending on how many extensions you want to have installed.

Final Verdict

If you are serious about getting longer, thicker hair, these are great options. They last for a very long time, and allow you the most freedom in terms of styling and coloring.

Micro loop hair extensions also help to keep your hair healthy during the time they are in, rather than damaging your natural hair like other hair extension methods.

Overall, this is the best way to get hair extensions while protecting your natural hair.

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