Kerastase Initialiste Review

kerastase initialiste review

Want longer, stronger, healthy full hair?

Well, let me introduce you to the revolutionary product from Kerastase – Kerastase Initialiste.

I’m writing this as a haircare professional, so no jargon… great information straight from a professional hairstylist!

This blogpost will save you the pain of spending hours researching and spending money on products that aren’t for you. So… here goes.

Briefly About the Kerastase Brand

A reputational overview of Kerastase products itself are that the products are of high quality – think luxury.

The reputation of Kerastase in my industry is that it’s damn good stuff. It works, but it comes at a cost.

Like most things, anything of good quality tends to have a higher price tag. This is down to the background of the product. The ingredients and quality. Testing and science, a lot goes into getting them little bottles on shelves.

Something I’ve learned over the years is buying a budget product tends to be a false economy. – You spend less but you need to use more, or, repair what it hasn’t done with another product.

Which I feel isn’t logical because sometimes the wrong product can actually cost you more in the long run, so it’s important to find the right thing for you…

Kerastase Initialiste – Is It Worth Buying?

So Kerastase Initialiste – does it do the stuff that it says on the bottle? What’s in this magic formula and why should I buy it?

So I’ve dug a little deeper for you – so you don’t have to!

Kerastase Initialiste has been designed for… People that want stronger healthier hair! So, it’s a pretty sale-able product, since I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want that! I got into the archives of university research papers and YouTube video reviews and here’s the down-low.

How is it Different than Other Shampoos?

The geeky bit simplified – there are 4 key ingredients in there to make this unique product stand out from others.

  • One key ingredient is gluco-lipid. This is a patented glucose-lipid. Lipids play a crucial role in keeping hair healthy, influencing shine, feel, manageability, and strength.
  • Another key ingredient is Native Plant Cells that encourage cellular metabolism and boost hair renewal and growth for healthier hair.
  • Also, Antioxidant Polyphenol. Which kerastase claims Protects the stem cell environment against oxydative stress.
  • And the 4th key ingredient is a new generation of cerimids. From what I can gather from geeking over the sciencey stuff is Cerimids function like a glue to keep your protective cuticle layer in place.

So basically, this concoction is designed specifically to restore health, build strength, boost growth, protect the hair from stress and keep your cuticles in place for an extra protective barrier.

No wonder people are talking about this magical formular.

I imagine you’re wondering how to use the hair health boosting serum?

Well, it’s a scalp treatment designed for use after the hair has been washed. You use a pipette to apply droplets to the scalp and massage it in.

Kerastase recommends 2 full pipettes on fine hair and 4 full pipettes on thick hair. It’s leave-in and after application, you proceed to blow-dry and style as usual.

Ive noticed twice a week seems to be the recommended dosage.

Also, I have noticed from reviews that people talk about this product working overtime.

I suppose this makes sense, you’re applying it on the scalp so it’s starting at the very root! So be patient to see results, it may take a good few weeks for you to feel the difference.

For a suitability factor I think it may not be a product for everyone so you need to consider this when you buy it.

Are you the kind of person that wants instant results? If so, maybe you’re better off getting a really good penetrative treatment that works directly on the hair.

You don’t want to be disappointed before you’ve seen any results.

Do you mind spending time applying a scalp treatment droplet by droplet?

Personally, I think it’s worth the extra time spending on your hair care regime but maybe some of you don’t want that routine and long-term commitment.

So, you do need to think, am I going to put this effort in regularly to see results?

The Cost of Kerastase Initialiste

And then… Budget. The cost of 60mls of this product can vary. But the cheapest I found was around 30 dollars.

Which is on the pricey side for a hair/scalp treatment. So, it may not be viable for all of you reading this.

Customer Feedback on the Product

Shopping for products to help encourage growth is a minefield. I spent hours looking through reviews, ingredient information, and research published by chemists and biologists. What I’d say is do your research.

Look into the ingredients, there is plenty of brilliant products out there, and it’s not made up advice.

The products start in a lab and go through extensive research. I like facts and also consumer reviews so I suggest going through the research process.

When looking for reviews maybe avoid the Instagram influencers paid to sell a product, I’d go straight for the amazon consumer reviews.

Which is exactly what I did luckily for you guys!!

I found overall the ratings were generally 5 stars.

Always over 50% of consumers had left this rating. So, must we pretty good at its job to leave this impression.

Obviously, you get your customers that are occasionally disappointed but overall, I found the product was quite popular.

My Verdict

I feel this product is great for someone needing extra help in the growth and hair health department.

From the research, company reputation, reviews, and studies, I believe this is a good purchase.

I always recommend going professional when it comes to hair products. Your hair is as good as you treat it. Over the years in my industry, I can honestly say the only negative I’ve heard about Kerastase products was the price.

So, there you have it… My personal opinion, a little research and even advise on if your personality/lifestyle fits the product well. Whatever you choose to do, purchase or not, take good care of your hair.

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