Luv Hair Professional Styling Flat Iron Review

luv hair professional styling flat iron review

There are literally thousands of flat iron models on the market, with dozens of companies claiming that they are the best.

You may think that the more money they charge, the better the quality.

But in reality, we have been able to find an incredibly affordable flat iron, with plenty of features, and nothing but five- star reviews.

Never heard of something so good? Allow us to introduce you to the Luv Hair Professional Styling flat iron. 

Why Do You Need This?

Now I know what you are thinking. You already have a flat iron; you don’t need another one. And what is so special about this flat iron anyways?

The answer to that lies in the design. That is because this flat iron utilizes all of your favorite features, while incorporating the tried- and- true features that work.

They know what you want, and what it takes to get that, and they put it all together for a price anyone can afford. 


This flat iron incorporates solid ceramic floating plates for easy styling with less risk of damage. Solid ceramic is always preferred because ceramic coating can chip after being used.

Once it chips, you get uneven heat distribution and overall a poor- quality result. You get solid ceramic, which works on even the finest of hair, and will last much longer.

The floating plates are also a plus because they give you more range of motion, making it easier to straighten or style your hair. 

Luv also utilizes negative ions and infrared rays, which are used to prevent frizz and lock in shine.

Negative ions also help to keep your hair moisturized and avoid unnecessary damage from heat.

You should still always use heat protection on your hair. But this will also help to feel your hair from being burned. 

Another important thing to consider is the temperature range of your flat iron.

This flat iron has an adjustable temperature from 175 degrees and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for all hair types.

The higher temperatures will work wonders on very thick hair, while the temperatures under 300 degrees will allow thin and fine hair to be straightened without incident.

It is recommended that you always start at lower temperatures and work your way up with thin hair so don’t be afraid to start at 175. It is there for a reason. 

Have you had a struggle with finding outlets and dealing with tangled cords?

This flat iron comes with a nine- foot- long power cord with a swivel to eliminate that problem. You can now use your flat iron almost anywhere, regardless of where your outlets are.

The 360- degree swivel also prevents curling or tangling, making sure you get all nine feet of use. 

Preventing bacteria growth is an important, yet overlooked factor when it comes to hair straighteners and curling irons.

Bacteria can build up after use because of the natural oils in your hair and the products that you use. This straightener naturally helps to fight bacteria growth. You still need to clean it regularly, but less than others. 

Measuring in at eight inches long by two inches wide, you can easily use this flat iron for waves and curls, as well as straightening.

You can have a lot of fun getting creative and trying new things out. 


There are lots of great things about the Luv Professional hair styling flat iron we could talk about. But to prevent this article from being way too long, we will just focus on a few. 

  • User friendly, with easy- to- use controls for everyone
  • Works for all hair types, from extremely fine hair, to super thick hair
  • Can use different parts of the flat iron for big or small curls and waves
  • Affordable option for all budgets. No need to spend hundreds of dollars
  • Comes in several different colors ranging from classic black, to bright pick, blue, and neon green


Some of the colors look a little childish. Yeah, that’s it. That is all we could come up with to complain about. And even then, you just go with black and you are good. Or maybe you want a brightly colored flat iron. No judgement. 

What People Are Saying

There are not a lot of reviews available for this flat iron because it is so unknown.

However, every review there is of this flat iron is a five- star review. They have absolutely nothing but good things to say, and many of them swear that they will use nothing else from now on.

Don’t believe us, look for yourself. Everyone loves this flat iron once they use it. 

We tried to find some kind of downside or negative review from the users, but could find none.

But we did however have a few questions remaining that we could not clear up via the reviews or product page.

For example, many flat irons and curling irons are now incorporating dual voltage to make it easy to use internationally while traveling. But we have no clue as to whether or not this model of flat iron has dual voltage.

If not, it is definitely something that should consider adding in the 2.0 version.

Another question we have is how the color holds up over time. With such bright color options, you usually see paint chipping and fading where your hand sits.

It would be nice to know how users have noticed the color holding up. As well as how the entire flat iron holds up after months or years of use.

This would better help to establish just how much of a deal you are getting for your money.

Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a new straightener, this is a fantastic option.

You will be paying under fifty dollars, while getting results that are on par with the two- hundred- dollar models.

Plus, you get to choose your color, which is always fun.