Royale Hair Straightener Review

royale hair straightener review

When you think of your ideal hair straightener, you may have in your head certain things you want and dislike about flat irons.

Whether you are new to flat ironing your hair, or have been doing it for years, there are some agreed upon things that all customers want.

Rather than looking at one specific hair straightener, we will be looking at the entire brand, Royale, and some of their most popular flat iron options. 

About the Company

Royale is a pretty well know brand in hair care, with hubs in both the United States, Canada, Europe and more.

They have a wide range of products, from flat irons to curlers, dryers, brushes and even hair growth systems.

Hair straighteners are definitely their forte though, with dozens and dozens of options on their site. 

However, despite their long history, and overall success with their flat iron designs, the company still has some issues that they desperately need to work out.

The biggest one is their customer service and their warranty guarantee. They currently have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau’s site because of issues people have had trying to get help or return products.

There are still thousands of positive reviews about their products, but the company’s human aspect and customer support needs to be revamped ASAP. 

Royale Rubber Wet to Dry Hair Straightener

The more heat or stress you put on your hair, the more damage you are likely to see. That is who you are typically told to towel dry your hair carefully, or use low heat if using a hair dryer.

But you can completely eliminate that step now by using Royale’s Wet to Dry hair straightener. While you do not want sopping wet hair, it can be wet to work with this flat iron. 

The flat iron heats up fast, reaching a temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit in just thirty seconds.

You will get far-infrared technology, as well as a high concentration of negative ions, to help seal in moisture and avoid both static and frizz.

This will give you much smoother results, without damaging your hair. 

Nano silver technology is used to help prevent bacteria from building up, making it easier to clean and avoid build up.

The plates are titanium, making them great for thicker hair, while it will work with any type of hair. If you have fine hair however, it is important to limit the amount of passed you have on your hair while drying and straightening it.

The plates are also 1.5 inches wide, making them a little wider and harder to style with.

That means this works best with those who are just looking to straighten their hair, not use a flat iron to curl it. 


  • Nano Silver Technology
  • Reduces Heat Damage
  • Five-year warranty


  • Price

Royale Ceramic Tourmaline Vapor Styling Hair Straightener with Argan Infusion

You really can’t go wrong with the classic ceramic floating plates with tourmaline.

But if you want more than that, we recommend this hair straightener.

This is because Royale not only gives you non-stick ceramic and tourmaline plates, but also a vapor option to infuse argan oil into your hair.

This flat iron heats up very quicky, and has a no tangle swivel cord to make styling easy.

There is infrared technology to seal in the moisture naturally in your hair, better preventing damage.

You also have the tourmaline, which will make your hair shinier and smoother. 

For the vapor option, you can decide with the flip of a switch whether or not you want the vapor to be immitted.

Without it, you can carry on with the normal hair straightening process.

But with it on, you will get argon oil vapor released, working it into your hair to create a more healthy shine. 


  • Non-stick plates
  • Vapor control switch
  • Infrared technology 


  • Price

Royal Smart Technology 1-inch Titanium Hair Straightener

If you are looking for a great all-around hair straightener with above average features, this is a fantastic option.

The smart technology is not just in one feature, but every part of the flat iron. Firstly, is the one-inch titanium plates.

They hold far-infrared heat technology, which works to protect the moisture in your hair while straightening it.

There is also Nano Silver technology, which is used for preventing bacteria from building up on the plates. The plates also utilize negative ions to avoid static and frizz. 

The display is LED, with the temperature of the flat iron clearly stated for you.

You can then adjust the temperature of the flat iron via the touch pad. You can choose from a range of 176 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The straightener shuts off automatically after thirty minutes of not being used.

You also have universal voltage, making it easy to plug in your flat iron while traveling without any issues.

You also get a professional length swivel cord to prevent tangles and make it easier to style your hair. 


  • Universal voltage
  • LED display
  • Adjustable temperatures


  • Price

What Are People Saying?

If you visit the Royale site, they have hundreds of five-star reviews on all their products.

But while the reviews are almost all positive in terms of their straightener and the results using it, the complaints all come when reaching out to the company for support.

Whether there were missing pieces, faulty equipment, or any other issues, it is like pulling teeth to get help from Royale.

While they seem to be doing a bit better in the past year to reach out and get help to their customers, they still have a long way to go. 

My Final Verdict

All in all, Royale products are great, but the company needs improvement. It is best to buy from a third party like Amazon or Walmart, where there is a warranty provided from them as well.

This way you do not have to worry about dealing with Royale if you have any issues with your package.